Launch Points

For Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Masonboro Island, Shark’s Tooth Island, Zeke’s Island, and Wilmington.


Zeke’s Island/Ft. Fisher Basin: Federal Point Wildlife Access

Address: 2514 S. Ft. Fisher Blvd. Kure Beach, NC 28449

*Please note: this access is at the very end of Ft. Fisher Blvd past the Ft. Fisher/Southport ferry landing, sometimes GPS’ will have you turn beforehand. Type “Federal Point Boat Launch” into your GPS to be directed to the exact launch point location. If you just use the numerical address, the GPS may tell you to turn or stop before the very end of the road, please disregard and continue to the actual end of the road.)

Please park on the right-hand side just past the ferry landing about 100 yards down. You will see our kayak trailer parked to the left next to the boat ramp and in front of the kayak launch beach.

Distance to major destinations:

  • Carolina Beach boardwalk – 6.3 miles (17 mins)
  • Downtown Wilmington – 21.8 miles (41 mins)
  • Wrightsville Beach – 24.7 miles (42 mins)
  • Airlie Gardens – 22.7 miles (38 mins)
  • Jungle Rapids – 20.8 miles (35 mins)

Directions to Federal Point Ramp

Masonboro Island: Trail’s End County Park

Address: Trail’s End County Park, 613 Trail’s End Road, Wilmington, NC 28409

Distance to major destinations:

  • Carolina Beach boardwalk – 9.7 miles (17 mins)
  • Zeke’s Island – 14.1 miles (24 mins)
  • Downtown Wilmington – 9.6 miles (21 mins)
  • Wrightsville Beach – 9.6 miles (18 mins)
  • Airlie Gardens – 7.3 miles (13 mins)
  • Jungle Rapids – 5.7 miles (11 mins)

Directions to Trail’s End Boat Ramp


Shark’s Tooth/Keg Islands: River Road Park

Address: Type “River Road Park” in your GPS. (6500 River Road, Wilmington, NC 28412)

Details: The launch point is easy to find but may be hard to spot. It’s recommended that you simply search “River Road Park” in your GPS and it will bring you exactly to the launch point. Using the numerical address will not take you exactly to the launch point, but an apartment complex instead.

Distance to major destinations:

  • Carolina Beach boardwalk – 8.1 miles (14 mins)
  • Zeke’s Island – 14.9 miles (25 mins)
  • Downtown Wilmington – 10.1 miles (19 mins)
  • Wrightsville Beach – 13.4 miles (25 mins)
  • Airlie Gardens – 11.1 miles (19 mins)
  • Jungle Rapids – 8.8 miles (15 mins)

Directions for River Road Park

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