Launch Points

For Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Masonboro Island, Shark’s Tooth Island, Zeke’s Island, and Wilmington.


Zeke’s Island/Ft. Fisher Basin: Federal Point Wildlife Access

Address: 2514 S. Ft. Fisher Blvd. Kure Beach, NC
*Please note: this access is at the very end of Ft. Fisher Blvd past the Ft. Fisher/Southport ferry landing, sometimes GPS’ will have you turn beforehand.
Directions to Federal Point Ramp


Masonboro Island: Trail’s End County Park

Address: Trail’s End County Park, 613 Trail’s End Road, Wilmington, NC 28409
Directions to Trail’s End Boat Ramp


Shark’s Tooth/Keg Islands: River Road County Park

Address: 6500 River Road, Wilmington, NC 28412
Directions for River Road Park

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