Our Philosophy

Kayak Carolina takes great care and pride in presenting fun and educational kayaking experiences in a safe learning environment.


Kayak Carolina takes great care and pride in presenting fun and educational kayaking experiences in a safe learning environment. All Kayak Carolina guides are American Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified. Several staff have received further training and certification in Advanced Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder. All trips are led with care to provide great assistance and attention to each participant. Therefore the ratio of guides to participants is held at 1 guide for every 6 participants. We are also very careful about not taking participants out in inclement weather. Although the weather may surprise us at times by bringing unexpected events, we do not take participants out in pre-anticipated conditions of high wind or rain that is accompanied by high wind or electricity. Kayak Carolina has full liability coverage through the Professional Paddlesports Association.


Kayak Carolina provides the highest quality equipment and guides for our programs. We have top quality kayaks and paddles to fit all ages and sizes of people! All guides have been through extensive skills training including teaching skills, technical skills, safety and rescue skills, and extensive interpretive nature training. Clinic instructors are ACA (American Canoe Association) certified sea kayak guides. Each of our energetic and knowledgeable guides comes from a unique background with much to share. Our staff includes environmental educators, white water rafting guides, Outward Bound instructors, marine biologists, artists and photographers, horticulturists, and much more! Kayak Carolina is a member of the Professional Paddlesports Association, the American Canoe Association, the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club and the World Wildlife Fund. We have over 35 years combined experience in teaching, nature interpretation and the kayaking industry.


Kayak Carolina is dedicated to the preservation of the extremely valuable and fragile coastal environment. We believe that educating people about the wonders of the coast will help them desire to preserve these areas as well. In this fashion, we attempt to take people into these beautiful areas while having as little impact on them as possible. We leave from several different locations, minimizing the impact on any one location. We make sure that EVERYTHING that goes into this pristine environment with us, is removed at the end of our trip. In fact, we make sure that MORE than what was taken in with us comes out as we always pick up any trash that we see on our way. Finally, we like to view coastal organisms without disturbing their activities. For example, approaching a group of birds standing on a sandbar is a perfect viewing and learning situation, but we try to approach the birds from far away and remain quite so that we do not disturb their activities.

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