Sharks Tooth Island Kayak Tours

Explore Sharks Tooth Island in a kayak with this exciting, adventurous tour in Wilmington, North Carolina!

Search for real sharks teeth and fossils on a kayak tour at Sharks Tooth Island!

This small island in the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, North Carolina, is one of the best places to search for real shark teeth, fossils, and similar artifacts! Located between Carolina Beach and Wilmington, North Carolina, this island on the river holds some of the coolest natural artifacts you’ll find in the area. Kayaking in this area of the Cape Fear River is great for kayakers of all ages because it’s relatively shallow waters, a light paddle, and we stop and get out on foot on Sharks Tooth Island, Keg Island, and a few of the dot islands nearby!

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What to Expect on Our Sharks Tooth Island Kayak Tour in Wilmington, North Carolina

On this tour, you’ll make your way through the calm, shallow waters of the Cape Fear River. We’ll stay away from the shipping channel, deep water, and currents, and are instead tucked away between some of the coolest small islands in the area! Our Sharks Tooth Island guided kayak tours are focused on sight-seeing and exploring, so we’ll stop several times throughout our journey so that you can explore on foot on Sharks Tooth Island, Keg Island, and several of the dot islands that surround us!  We often stop at a tidal mud pool where you can sift for shark teeth, shells, fossils, and more! Please bring sifting dishes, small shovels, etc., if desired as these items won’t be provided. We also recommend that explorers bring small ziploc bags with them to contain their findings!

Sharks Tooth Island Kayak Tour - Wilmington NC

Explore Sharks Tooth Island with a Guided Kayak Tour

On this guided kayak tour, you’ll have the chance to scavenge the tiny islands along the marsh and within the cove of the Cape Fear River. This tour’s takeoff point is situated right next to River Road Park approximately 13 miles from Wrightsville Beach, 10 miles from downtown Wilmington, and 8 miles from Carolina Beach. All kayakers are provided a kayak, a paddle, and a life jacket with their registration fee. You should bring water, a small, foldable lunch box with snacks, and it’s recommended that you keep your cell phone sealed in a ziploc bag. 

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