Sunrise Kayak Tours

Enjoy the beautiful daybreak at Kure Beach and Zeke’s Island with our sunrise guided kayak tours!

About Our Sunrise Kayak Tours

If the early bird gets the worm, then the early kayaker definitely gets some of the best views! While waking up early may not sound fun to some, our sunrise tours offer some of the most memorable experiences out of any of our kayak tours – not to mention it’s the coolest and most comfortable time to go explore the area of Zeke’s Island! Our sunrise kayak tours take you from the Zeke’s Island launch point all through the Zeke’s Island Estuarine Reserve, which is situated just across the inlet from Carolina Beach, and just south of Wrightsville Beach.

On this tour, you’ll make your way through the calm, glassy, glistening waters along Zeke’s Island. Paddling through the waters at this time is often very minimal effort, so great for relaxation and enjoying the sights. Your kayak tour guide will take you through the bays and marsh creeks that separate Fort Fisher and Bald Head Island, and you’ll be surrounded by tranquil wildlife and nature illuminated by the colorful sunrise overhead. Oftentimes the moon will still be out, and in the event of a full moon, you may even catch a glimpse of it setting as the sun rises. There’s a reason that this tour is a favorite among our guides! You can also expect to see various kinds of birds, fish, and turtles, all dependent on what nature allows!

Kayak Sunrise Tours Are Great for Beginners!

Whether you’re an expert kayaker looking to join a passionate and excited group of other kayakers on a sunrise kayak tour, or whether you’re a beginner kayaker with limited exposure, this is a great time for kayakers at any level to enjoy an adventure centered around beautiful Zeke’s Island sights and wildlife. You can usually expect smooth, calm waters during this time, with often low tides. Paddling in these waters at this time usually doesn’t require as much exertion as other times. We’ll also take several exploration breaks, allowing you ample time for rest and to walk around various islands!

Explore Nature on Our Sunrise Kayak Tour

If you’re a nature lover or just enjoy getting out and seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, then the sunrise tour of Zeke’s Island is the perfect choice for you. From birds to dolphins, there’s so much to see on this tour. Some of the various animals and species you may encounter on the tour include: Shore birds, wading birds, egrets, herons, oystercatchers, skimmers, seagulls, turns, brown pelicans, diamond terrapin, sea turtles, loggerheads, and dolphins.

The sunrise tour moves at a very relaxed pace, and we even stop a few times along the way to get out and explore Zeke’s Island. While we’re in the water, we take frequent breaks from paddling to sight-see, learn about the environment, and take in the beautiful sunrise over the island. So don’t worry, this isn’t three hours of intense paddling! In fact, the sunrise tour is ideal for kayakers of all skill levels, and is a great way for first-timers to get their feet wet. The water is also very shallow, ranging from 6 inches to 4 feet deep.

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What Should You Bring On a Sunrise Kayak Tour?

While you don’t need to pack for a full-day exertion, we do recommend bringing a small cooler with drinks and snacks to keep yourself fueled up. We also advise against flip flops, and recommend wearing a shoe that can be secured to your feet and that offers some protection and stability. Be sure to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet! If you’re going to bring a phone along for the ride we recommend bringing a waterproof bag or case just in case you end up getting wet.

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